No hard feelings? 50 Cent punched a female fan in the chest after she pulled his arm during a concert in Baltimore on Saturday, April 8.

In a video 50 Cent , 41, is seen performing on stage with hip-hop group The Lox at Baltimore  Sound stage, when he reaches
down to the crowd to shake hands with the fan. The woman, clad in a white floral dress, appears to aggressively grab onto the star’s arm and
nearly pull him off the stage and into the crowd.

50 Cent is then seen throwing a punch at the woman, likely in an attempt to free himself from her grasp. Another man helps 50 Cent climb back on stage before the rapper extends an olive branch and asks the woman to join him.”Come on. Tell her to come over here,” he instructs a member of his crew. “Tell her to come here.” Guess he  realized his  error and decided to fix it by inviting her on stage.

The unidentified fan appeared uninjured and was later seen dancing and twerking near the corner of the stage while Uncle Murda performed “Rap Up 2016.” The incident was somewhat reminiscent of rapper Kevin Gates‘ much more serious 2015 attack, in which he kicked a female fan in the chest after she tugged on his shorts during a concert in Florida. TMZ reported in October 2016 that Gates, 31, was found guilty of battery and was sentenced to 180 days i