6ix9ine May Spend Up To 3 Years Hard Time For Violating His Plea Deal Made In 2015

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    Rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine may spend up to 3 years hard time for violating the terms of a plea deal he made in 2015 for posting a sex video that involved a 13 yr old girl, prosecutors said Thursday.

    Prosecutors said that they wanted 6ix9ine to do up to three years in jail after he was found to be in Texas and in Brooklyn as he was instructed not to be. Breaking the terms of The Plea.

    “He has violated his plea agreement,” Says Assistant District Attorney Sara Weiss. “The defendant should be sentenced to a state prison sentence of one to three years.”

    Justice Felicia Menin will decide whether to sentence him as an adult or stick to his deal he got previously when he’s back in court in October.

    6ix9ine’s lawyers said they will oppose the DA’s move to violate him in the plea deal.



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