Blac Chyna is not about to let up easy when it comes to her children. According to various reports Rob Kardashian wants to take Blac Chyna to court for their daughter Dream Kardashian.

Chyna’s lawyer, Walter Mosley, tells sources that Blac Chyna and Rob K  have a valid ongoing custody agreement in place, and Chyna protecting her daughter shouldn’t affect it in any way. Our sources were told that if Rob goes to court to alter custody stipulations Blac Chyna will be defended “by any means necessary” legally.

resources say Blac Chynae stands by her claims that she was simply doing what she had to do to protect her kids in the Six Flags incident. Blac Chyna also doesn’t think her behavior should be held against her.

Reports say that Rob K. was very upset that Chyna put Dream in harm’s way and plans to take her back to family court. Reports also suggest that he’s also concerned about her bringing new men into her home when their child is there and wants restrictions put in place.

Our resources say that Blac Chyna is not beat and is not cool with that.