WME’s Motion Pictures Adam Venit is currently under investigation for allegations of sexual harassment.

¬†Actor Terry Crews went public last week accusing Adam Venit of inappropriately touching him in February of 2016 at an event.¬† Terry Crews said that Adam Venit gazed at him and licked his tongue at him across the room at a gathering. Adam Venit was said to have walked up to Crews and grabbed at his genitals. All of this in front of Crew’s wife Rebecca king-Crews.


Shortly after the incident according to Terry Crews, Terry and his wife left the gathering and later the next day received a phone call from Adam Venit apologizing for his actions. Terry Crews says that Adam Venit should be held accountable for his actions.

After Terry Crews came forward about his abuse he was asked by Russell Simmons to excuse Venits behavior. Terry Crews Replied to Simmons by posting Simmons request on social media.

Adam Venit was put on leave after the allegations and the WME says the incident is under investigation.