VH1’s Black Ink crew member Sky was exposed for lies by her baby daddy and son.

JaKetaita Days, Better known as Sky, from VH1’s hit reality show ‘Black Ink’ was exposed in an emotional interview. Skys son Genesis and his dad talked about all of the lies they claim Sky told about her children. During the interview it was told that not only did Sky lie about having twins but they are from separate fathers. And just to top it all off they were never adopted off. According to the interview when Sky was 14 she gave birth to her first son. Nine months later she gave birth to her second son. Her children  were taken from her when they were 6 and 7 years old. And she lied to everyone.

On the show Sky cried while telling her story with such conviction. People were moved by her confession and were inspired by her situation. She spoke of how she had her sons when she was 14. She said she couldn’t take care of them so she with help from her mother, put her boys up for adoption. Sky said that the reason why she has not reached out to them was because they were with great adoptive parents and she didn’t want to confuse them.

Although Skys story for many is relatable it just wasn’t true. She twisted the story to make herself look ‘better’ then she would had she told the truth.

Sky went as far as meeting up with one of the boys fathers on the show and they both continued the lies. There was even an emotion short clip where you see Sky crying and writing her ‘boys’ a letter.

Fans are both upset and confused because Sky really had everyone thinking her story was true and really felt bad for her.

This is a clear example as to why you should not believe the things you see on reality tv.