On November 4 a Brooklyn Cop by the name of John Bonanno is being probed for fraudulently charging Raul Glasgow with a gun possession.

Officer Bonanno is accused of falsifying charges and planting the gun Glasgow’s car.

Glasgow said that during what seemed to be routine traffic stop for fraudulent plates, turned into a nightmare. When the police asked to search his vehicle. Glasgow said he had no problem with this being that he ‘knew’ he didn’t have a weapon. Bonanno was said to have slipped the gun into Glasgow’s trunk to his Pontiac Fire bird.

After Glasgow was arrested he was told by police that they might drop the forgery charges if he could get them a gun. Which is a tactic to get guns off of the street and to keep non violent offenders from serious charges.

Glasgow told police where they can find a .45 caliber pistol in a tool bag that belonged to a friend that committed suicide by jumping off a bridge. The police indeed dropped the forgery charges but then charged him with a gun possession.

Charges were dropped in August after investigators are said to have “information that calls into serious question the veracity of the police officers Bonanno’s statement”.

Officer Bonnano, who has been on the force since 2009 is placed on moderate duties until the conclusion of the investigation and assigned to the Quartermaster position. He could not be contacted for comments and his lawyers also refused to speak on the issue.

How many people are going to suffer by the hands of the unjust who are sworn to protect and serve us? How many people has this officer done this to?  Is this fair to the good men and women on the force who take their jobs serious to have to their integrity questioned because of the negligence and abuse of power by another officer?

It is becoming a repeated behavior among cops. Not all cops are corrupt and its a shame that they have to deal the these criminals inside the force.