Damian Lillard is a still top PG and rapper.

Not only has Portland Trailblazer, Damian Lillard, proven himself to be a top point guard in the league — well, not really. He’s massively underrated — but the franchise player has also shown that he’s just as much a competent rapper. After The Letter O dropped last year, the hip-hop community had to pick their chins up off the floor. The mixtape featured the likes of Raphael Saadiq, Jamie Foxx, and even Lil’ Wayne.

While we don’t know what Lillard’s been up to this offseason, rapping seems to be a passion of his, so it’s not unlikely that he put himself behind the mic. We know that’s he’s been in the studio, though, because he took to Instagram recently and posted a picture of Weezy and himself.

#Confirmed … @liltunechi

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What’s “confirmed” ? We wish we knew. But what we do know is that Wayne is supposed to resting. Just last week we gave you the update on his health. The doctor specifically said that Wayne should take at least 2 weeks off from work. I guess you can’t stop a hustler. We just hope Wayne’s not going too hard.