On New Years Eve Any Cohen and Anderson cooper dragged Danielle Bregoli during CNN’s New Years eve special.


Danielle Bregoli is a 14 year old rapper that is know for her epic appearance on the Dr. Phil Show in late 2016. She is mostly known for her phrase ‘catch me outside, how bout that’ which the teen was addressing the audience for the ‘boos’ she received after expressing to them that she does what she wants when she wants and doesn’t care about repercussions.

The teen later on released a song that went viral with the catchy line “Cash me outside”. After her song reached over a million views in a week Danielle was signed to Atlantic Records with a multi million dollar contract.

During the New Years special Andy Cohen had a lot to say about Danielle’s claim to fame. He and Anderson Cooper attempted to reenact Danielle’s scene from the Dr. Phil show where Cohen pointed out the that he “thought Dr. Phil was a little more classy” and poked fun at Danielle’s name change to ‘Bad Barbie’.

Danielle said that she didn’t even know who Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen were or that they were trying to diss her until her manager called her and sent her the video. Danielle refers to Andy and Anderson as ‘Some 60 or 70 year old guys that are worried about her’. She also went on to saying that Andy Cohen looks like a Q-tip.

Danielle Bregoli has been the top of everyone’s list since she hit the social scene with both negative and positive feedback. Some people dislike her outrageous behaviors and they way she speaks for her age. Others commend the teen for being herself and actively pursuing her dreams. When its all said and done its to each’s own. She is still a child and she still has a long life of learning to do.

I wish Danielle Bregoli all of the luck and hope she finds peace with herself and her family.