Federal Agents Reportedly Raided Takashi 6ix9ine’s Brooklyn Home


    Months after getting robbed, federal agents have reportedly raided Takashi 6ix9ine‘s Brooklyn home.

    Multiple FBI agents and NYPD officers showed up at the residence of rapper 6ix9ine’s Brooklyn on Friday. According to reports a gun was allegedly found during the raid.

    A source in 6ix9ines camp says that he was in the process of moving out of the home, and had not been in the house for “several weeks.” They claim that many people, including movers and cleaners, have been in and out of the property recently.

    6ix9ine has been traveling all over the place in the last few weeks. He was recently in Colombia with Kanye West and performed a show in Russia.

    It seems 6ix9ine, whom recently plead guilty to having sexual relations with an underage girl, just cant catch a break.


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