Ginuwine receives backlash for refusing to kiss a transgender women.

Singer Ginuwine appeared on the show ‘Big Brother’ celebrity UK edition where he shared the house with a Transgender women by the name of India Willoughby. During a ‘sit down’ India Willoughby asked Ginuwine if he would ever date a transgender women. Ginuwine respectfully answered ‘no’. Then India went on to pursue a kiss from Ginuwine and he pulled back. When Ginuwine pulled back India instantly got offensive. She feels that she is a woman and should be look at as a woman not just a trans woman.

Throughout the last few years the LGBT have been positively demanding equality for intersex people. India Willoughby is a transgender women. She was born male but identifies as female and made the necessary changes to become one. For a long time it was hard for people like her to live in the open about their lifestyles and even though society isn’t completely there yet society has evolved over the years allowing people from the LGBT community to be more open about relationships and sexuality.

Although times have changed there are some people that do not agree with the lifestyle and feel that it is inappropriate. People of the LGBT communities all speak of stories of hate crimes because they choose to be who they are openly. Some even have to deal with complete rejection and abandonment from entire families because of how they live their lives.

Ginuwine being a straight male refusing to kiss a transgender women fired up some of the LGBT community. Some referred to Ginuwine as a transphobe and bashed him on social media.

When word of Ginuwine being bashed for refusing to kiss a trans woman on TV went viral people spoke up for Ginuwine saying that just because Ginuwine doesn’t kiss trans gender women doesn’t mean he is transphobe. He has a sexual preference and he is entitled to that just like anyone else. There were even some people in the LGBT community saying that it was wrong for India to even attempt to kiss him because he had already said no.

In my opinion everyone should be entitle to live how they choose but no one should force to life choices such as sexuality or religion. No means NO! I would not ask a gay man for a kiss knowing I am not his cup of tea and get mad because he doesn’t like women when I knew that already so how could she? I’m Just Saying…