H&M under heat for a racist ad posted to their website

Over the weekend H&M released an ads for their new hoodies. One of the hoodies got the wrong attention and was removed from H&M’s website hours after new of the outrage broke. H&M issued a statement apologizing to anyone the ad had offended. Before the ad was removed someone screen shot the ad and the offensive picture spread though out the internet.

The ad included a little black boy in a green hoodie that read ‘ Coolest Monkey In The Jungle’.

Porch monkey is a racist slur used by racist white people to insult black people. It is offensive to black people especially African Americans to be referred to as ‘Monkeys’.

The mother of the young boy featured in the ad Terry Mango responded to people questioning why she allowed her son to be in the ad saying “am the mum and this is one of hundreds of outfits my son has modelled……… stop crying wolf all the time,unnecessary issue here……..get over it”.

P Diddy responded to the ad by posting a sketch of the ad with a crown on the young boys head and words on his hoodie that read “Coolest King In The World”. Under the post P Diddy wrote: “Put some respect on it! When you look at us make sure you see royalty and supernatural God sent Glory!! Anything else is disrespectful.”It was also said that P Diddy offered the young model a 1 million dollar contract to model for his clothing line ‘Sean John’.


It has been demonstrated over the last few years that racism is a big issue here in the United states. There were a series of responses from Black people that live outside of the US that claim they don’t view racism the same way. Rumors say that America is one of the most racist countries. Its no lie that America is one of the most diverse countries with people that have settled here from all over the world. But the problem with racism here is no different then anywhere else in the world. America is a country that exercises its right to freedom of speech which allows certain issues that other countries try to conceal more discussed and publicized.


Racism is something everyone of every race deals with. Its a continues web of hatred and ignorance. H&M may not have intentionally offended people but they did. And although they apologized and took the ad down the damage was done. G-Eazy and The Weekend both quit H&M upon seeing the ad and many more.