NBA YoungBoy will be in jail for a while after his arrest for assaulting his girlfriend. According to various reports the judge just ordered him to be held without bail.

The rapper’s been transferred to Georgia’s Ware County Jail where he was booked and faced the judge. NBA Young Boy was busted Saturday night in Tallahassee on a kidnapping warrant, related to the attack on his girlfriend, Jania.

The hotel surveillance video shows him body slamming her and then dragging her against her will back into the room repeatedly. Jania has said they were just playing around, but the judge obviously isn’t buying that. In most cases of domestic violence the victim covers — or makes excuses for the abusers behavior. In the video her body language shows that she is resistant and scared. The video below shows her making excuses for him beating her. Also it was said that there was blood found in the hotel room.


He’s currently facing felony kidnapping and aggravated assault charges.