Katy Perry and Taylor Swift. What’s Beef?

Katy Perry, Beef is supposedly when you need 2 gats to go to sleep. When your moms isn’t supposed to be safe up in the streets. Or at the very least when you roll no less than 30 deep. Biggie Smalls said all of that best. That song may or may not have led him down a dark path, but it’s safe to say Hip-Hop rivalries aren’t even remotely the same now.

In this modern age of technology all disputes are started and carried out over the internet. Twitter or souncloud are usually the go-to mediums. There shouldn’t ever be any need for things to actually escalate to the streets, but there’s no real shock value in retweets. There’s no real shock value in disses on instagram either. There aren’t many platforms left, besides the obvious.

You’d think you couldn’t draw animosity from an interview, but you actually can. Proof being that 50 Cent just recently dissed Irv Gotti again. They have a long standing rivalry, and with the way 50 is acting, it won’t be ending anytime soon. Not when one man threatens to slap another. Katy Perry just ended her side of the fued with Taylor Swift in an interview. Swift shoul dbe responding soon so we’llĀ  be sure to find out if they have bad blood or not. She said she has no real issues with Swift but she still hates her. Those are the only ‘beef’ highlights of the industry today.

Drake and Meek Mill still have an on-going fued… but they don’t. It’s hard to discern because both parties take so long to retaliate. Also, the internet has taken sides on they think actually won. In contemporary music, beef is hard to recognize, as well as hard to take out.