According to various reports, Love and Hip Hop Atlanta (LHHATL) reality star Tommie Lee is wanted for attacking a mall employee nearly a month ago.

Resources say that a warrant for Tommie’s arrest has been issued due to a battery case.

Tommie is being accused of punching an employee at a fancy jewelry store in Atlanta’s Lenox Square Mall.

According to reports Tommie was arguing with the women behind the display. The argument got heated and Tommie walked around the display to repeatedly slap and punch the employee.

The employee explained to the police that she wanted to press charges.

If you know Tommy then you know she can be a bit of a handful. I am curious to know as to why she was arguing with the employee. Tommie, although very spontaneous and somewhat bi-polar ( as seen on tv) does not strike me as the type that goes into stores just to start fights with the employee’s. Something happen between Tommie and this lady that is being left out of the story. Either way I wish both parties the best luck.