Milan Ross is known for inspiring people to lose weight and choose healthier eating habits. He has done numerous interviews inspiring and motivating people. He has been recognized for losing almost half of his original body weight which was said to be over 500 ibs.


Christmas day Chef Milan allegedly gunned down his 10 month old daughter Anora, his 11 year old son Nigel, and his ex wife Iris. Iris and Milan divorced in June.

Since the divorce it is said that Milan had became verbally abusive. Iris’s sister described Milan as ‘unstable’ and claims he had a dark side. She said that her sister was confident of how to handle Milan and was secure with being around him.

Just 9 hours before Milan went on his murderous rampage, Milan posted a video to social media singing Christmas carols with his 11 year old son Nigel.

Police are investigating to why he murdered his family.

Domestic Violence is a big issue in the untied states with statistics stating that 25% of women experience domestic violence in adulthood by a partner. 22% of women have been subjected to domestic violence during some period of their life.

Domestic Violence and mental illness are very real and should never be taken lightly. If you are being threatened by someone please do not take the threats lightly. Please seek help immediately. There are people and places set up to help people in your situation. You are not alone.

Break the silence and seek help. This story is unfortunate. Its sad that there were children were involved but whats even sadder to me is hearing that there were signs that he was not stable and they were ignored because she thought she knew him. Sad to say this kind of violence happens regularly. Women Men and children are living in silence.

If you or anyone you know is dealing with domestic violence please reach out to the domestic violence helpline at  1(800)799-7233