Love and Hip Hop star Ms. Nikki is at it again. This woman just bounces from man to man and they’re happy to have her because she has the best body that money can buy. Nikki has now hopped on to Safaree…you know who I’m talking about there’s only one. You may not be used to seeing his name as he is usually just referred to as Nicki Minaj’s ex. What is going on here? How did they even meet? Clearly Safaree has a thing for women named Nicki with disproportionate hip to butt ratios. Good look for him…tragic look for her. We know he doesn’t have any money, meaning that I’m sure Nikki had to pick up the tab for this little date that they were on. Its rumored that Safaree will be making many appearances on this season of LAHH. Get it how you live!