Puerto Rico saved 1,28 lives to be exact.

The Puerto Rican government took action this past weekend when Hurricanes Irma and Jose struck the Caribbeans this past weekend. Jose is a category 1, but it’ll likely downgrade tonight. By later this evening it should be at the power of a tropical storm.

The Puerto Rican government collaborated with the Department of Health and Human Services, successfully transporting 1,028 citizens from St. Marteen to Saint Thomas.

“The Government of Puerto Rico responded to the call of our fellow Americans in need not only out of solidarity but because it is our responsibility as the closest United States territory,” said Governor Ricardo Rosselló in a press release.

In addition to the lodging and medical assistance provided by hotels and the State department, Burger King, JetBlue, and singer Ozuna y Dímelo Vi all donated food. Southwest Airlines also donated snacks and ice.

The evacuation attempts will pick up as the storms subside.