Rapper Tekashi69 aka 6ix9ine and his friends got into a small brawl at LAX that spilled out into the street.

Tekashi was about to walk into the terminal when someone started shouting and pointing at him. 6ix9nine’s friends urged him to go into the terminal and when he went to turn away one of 6ix9ine’s friends threw the first punch, and then more people from both sides jumped into the melee. The NY rapper eventually joined his friends and the fight moved into the middle of the busy street where 6ix9ine was thrown to the floor and he lost his shoe.

Police raced to the scene and interviewed people on both sides. We’re told no one wanted to press charges … so everyone went on their own separate ways

Interestingly enough, 6ix9ine posted a video last week calling out haters who warned him not to come to Los Angeles. He came anyway, and it looks like the haters delivered.

The fight was really corny and immature. Most reports are reporting it as some huge brawl but in my honest opinion it look like they were play fighting. If it was such a big brawl then no one would be going their own ways they would be going to jail.