Misty ‘Mysterious’ Blanco is back and ready to take over the rap game.

If you’ve seen Mtv’s making the band 2 then you would probably recognize Misty from her appearance on the show. Misty Blanco also know as Mysterious graced the world with her presence as a contestant on ‘Making the band in 2003.

During her short stay on the show Misty caught P. Diddys attention with her fire rhymes and flow. And even though Misty was cut from the group she was offered a side deal from Diddy himself which holds a lot of weight considering P. Diddy is not a easy man to please.

Mysterious since then has evolved into Misty Blanco. Through the Years Misty has undergone a great deal of trials and tribulations. She was recently released from prison and is focused on getting her life and career back in order.

Misty Blanco is said to release her new album soon ‘The only girl in the trap’ which is said to drop early 2018. Now if you’ve listen to Misty’s flow then you already know this album is about to be dope. She also has an album out now called ‘The Blanco theory’.

interview with mystie blanco

I recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Misty in an Exclusive interview that will be airing on Gems TV 2018 on my show ‘Tea Time with Sugar’. A lot of interesting facts were revealed during the interview that may change the way you look at Misty. She opened up and revealed some of her truths concerning her past and her time she spent in prison. We also talked about what she is doing now and her plans for her future. You can follow Misty on instagram @Mysterious_MistyBlanco

I speak for many when i say I can not wait to hear what Misty has in store for us.