Slavery in Libya is stirring outrage in Africa and all over social media.

Many are outraged by videos and pictures of Sub Saharian migrants in Libya posted on November 22. The footage shows as men are being beaten and auctioned off to work to Arabic Slaveholders.

The Untied Nations International Organization for Migration revealed that its staff found a slave market and Libya and Niger. CNN’s own Nima Elbagir was able to verify the authenticity of slave markets. In these markets men were being sold one by one to buyers. The auctions happen very quickly.



Migrants left their homes traveling from all over Africa looking to relocate to start a new life in Europe and Italy. These migrants are fleeing from war that their country has been dealing with for years. Once they get to Libya they are forced into migrant camps designed to hold illegal migrants. These people are forced to live in a foul environments and fed very little until they are auctioned off. The auctions happen once or twice a month at night. Slaves are sold anywhere from $400-$2,000 according to reports. The women and children are separated from the men. They are forced into slavery for sex and labor.

Politicians in Africa are outraged and are demanding a international court of justice investigation. The Libya Slave trade will also be on the agenda for conversation at the African Union meeting in Ivory Coast on November 29 & 30.

Protest demonstrations have started and the cry for help has reached thousand in a matter of days. The issue is becoming a trending topic for everyone. Although this is a big issue now there are videos and footage of the slave trades dating years back. Many people have testified of the horrific conditions they were forced to endure while being held captive.

This is an attack on humanity. Something needs to be done as soon as possible.