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The Game: Let’s bring about change, the right way.

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In the midst of all the hate, the senseless murder & chaos our country is facing, it is so refreshing to see our artists come out and lead us towards change the right way rather than telling people to purge. Today, rapper The Game took to instagram and posted picture of himself and Snoop Dogg calling […]

Joe Budden to Drake: “Shut up & go get me a burger”


JOEY!!!!!!  There is currently smoke coming out of my ears from listening to the FIRE that Joe Budden just dropped. The track begins with a clip of Drizzy praising Joe, that alone ended Drake,  See, this specific battle won’t be about record sales or how much money who has, which is really  the two crutches most […]

The hate is real—Albee Al grazed by gunfire!!


Why are people such haters?  Up & coming Jersey City rapper Albee Al is one of two people who were grazed by gunfire Tuesday night. Now, clearly I have no idea what the reason may be but seriously guys? You couldn’t just fight him or whoever you were looking for rather than spray gunfire in […]