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P.M. Dawn’s Prince Be Dead at 46


He passed away today from kidney disease Attrell Cordes, aka Prince Be of hip-hop/R&B group P.M. Dawn, has died, according to a few media houses. He was 46. In a Facebook post written by P.M. Dawn’s Doc. G (Cordes’ cousin), the surviving member says that Prince Be was suffering from complications related to diabetes. See […]

‘Cops’ is coming to Paterson so BE CAREFUL!1

cops coming to paterson

 Take this as your formal warning! Make sure your break lights are good, that you have no outstanding warrants. Fix your DL, make sure you have insurance & also DON’T FORGET to have your seat belt on & be careful when driving because next month the television show “Cops” will begin filming in our city, […]

The hate is real—Albee Al grazed by gunfire!!


Why are people such haters?  Up & coming Jersey City rapper Albee Al is one of two people who were grazed by gunfire Tuesday night. Now, clearly I have no idea what the reason may be but seriously guys? You couldn’t just fight him or whoever you were looking for rather than spray gunfire in […]

Paterson: If the price is right, we’ll sell out!


I was born and raised in Paterson and I absolutely love my city. This is why it pains me to see how the people in leadership position don’t care about this amazing little place. Last night, the city council approved a 30 year agreement with  Hackensack based Cedar Stars Academy in exchange for a $2 […]

Ratchet Monday Update


& Hip Hop New York” Season 6: The Reunion (Part 2) aired yesterday & let me tell you—IT DID NOT DISAPPOINT!  Let’s begin with the love triangle that is Peter Gunz, Tara & Amina. Amina  confirmed what we already knew: SHE’S PREGNANT! I love these ladies but seriously, WHAT IS GOING ON?!  However, we do […]