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Fetty Wap Sued By Former Remy Boyz P-Dice ( $7M )

Paterson Rapper fetty

Paterson Rapper Fetty  is back in the news again, he is being sued once again. This time around he is being sued by  former Remy Boyz P-Dice. Fetty is being  sued over  the 2015  hit  679 where  Monty’s verse on the official track replace P-Dice’s original. According to sources in the  initial deal he



Hard Luck: is an artist coming out of Patterson, NJ. He has blessed the stage of many major venues suck as 106th & park and may others. Being a former Diplomats affiliate he has showcased on many international and worldwide projects with Jim Jones,Camron,Hell Rell,Jr Writer and Spinning 9 a signed artist under the celebrity icon […]

The Game: Let’s bring about change, the right way.

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In the midst of all the hate, the senseless murder & chaos our country is facing, it is so refreshing to see our artists come out and lead us towards change the right way rather than telling people to purge. Today, rapper The Game took to instagram and posted picture of himself and Snoop Dogg calling […]

‘Cops’ is coming to Paterson so BE CAREFUL!1

cops coming to paterson

 Take this as your formal warning! Make sure your break lights are good, that you have no outstanding warrants. Fix your DL, make sure you have insurance & also DON’T FORGET to have your seat belt on & be careful when driving because next month the television show “Cops” will begin filming in our city, […]

Paterson: If the price is right, we’ll sell out!


I was born and raised in Paterson and I absolutely love my city. This is why it pains me to see how the people in leadership position don’t care about this amazing little place. Last night, the city council approved a 30 year agreement with  Hackensack based Cedar Stars Academy in exchange for a $2 […]

Fetty Wap Set To Lauch His Own Mobile Game


Fetty Wap is entering the mobile game industry with his very own gaming app called Fetty Wap: Nitro Nation Stories, The Source reports. It’s a racing game created by Estonia’s Creative Mobile and Moor Games that will feature luxury car brands such as Jaguar, Cadillac and BMW among others and is scheduled to be available in the App Store and […]

Masika Kalysha & Fetty Wap’s Baby Girl Has Arrived!!

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Congratulations to Paterson’s own Fetty Wap & his (new official) Baby Momma Masika Kalysha, on the arrival of their new baby girl. Neither Fetty or Masika have shared pictures of the new tiny human, I mean unless you count Masika showing the back of baby “KBM” on snapchat. Yes, “KBM” is all we got and […]

Ratchet Monday Update


& Hip Hop New York” Season 6: The Reunion (Part 2) aired yesterday & let me tell you—IT DID NOT DISAPPOINT!  Let’s begin with the love triangle that is Peter Gunz, Tara & Amina. Amina  confirmed what we already knew: SHE’S PREGNANT! I love these ladies but seriously, WHAT IS GOING ON?!  However, we do […]

Paterson Man charged in fatal shooting


City man has been charged with the shooting death of  64 year old Ellison street grocery store owner, according to Passaic County Prosecutor Camelia M. Valdes. 49-year-old Harold Johnson Johnson is being held at the Passaic County Jail, Bail is bail  is set at $1 million. Check out  for more  details