Over the last few months speculations have arise of Vincent Herbert‘s infidelity to his wife Tamar Braxton. Back in March a women came forward saying Vincent had a child with her and says he got pregnant after a one night stand only one month before his wedding to Tamar Braxton. She also claims Vincent paid her to keep quite about the estranged child.

Friday night Tamar announced to social media that her husband Vincent Herbert has certainly cheated on her and that they are still going through with the divorce. Tamar claims that Vincent has a women pregnant and is also cheating with Laura Govan.

Laura Govan denies being pregnant and having an affair with Vincent. Govan claims the rumors started because her ex husband Gilbert Arenas “made it all up”. It was said that he reached out to Tamar and told her the rumor as a way to get back at Laura and Tamar just ran with it. Laura says she is happily in a relationship with someone else.

There are also receipts that supposedly have been released on the internet as proof of Vincent’s affair with Laura. Although there is evidence pointing to Laura and Vincent’s affair Vincent is accused of sleeping with several of women besides Laura.

Vincent responded to allegations denying having a women pregnant. But he never confirmed or denied sleeping with Laura Govan.

Tamar Braxton announces to have moved on from Vincent stating “Ladies and gentlemen know that 2018 is a FRESH START and if i can leave this liar u can leave yours too”. Which I personally feel is a very empowering statement. Given Tamar’s current public break-up I  think she is handling the situation well and I wish her the best of luck because its not easy being cheated on especially in public. Tamar does it looking fabulous as always as she should.