Tea Time With Sugar

    Tea Time With Sugar

    ‘Tea Time with Sugar’ is a radio show on Gems Radio 91.7 Fm, hosted by radio personality, Sugar Cosby. The show broadcasts live Monday through Friday from 9am to 1pm est.

    Tea Time with Sugar plays the greatest old school and new school hip hop & R&B hits. Tea Time with Sugar focuses on community affairs, local events, news, celebrity gossip and trending topics. In addition to the radio, Sugar also does live broadcasts from her various social media accounts (@sugar_cosby). Sugar also host interviews with many unsigned artist and members of the hip hop community for ‘Tea Time with Sugar’.

    Tea Time With Sugar has a very broad audience mostly consisting of both men women between the ages 24-35.

    Tea Time has gain a following that exceeds it’s New Jersey Audience due to the radio stations online music player which allows people to tune in where ever the internet is available. The show is also accessible through the TuneIn radio app.





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