If you don’t already have the Kimoji keyboard I strongly suggest you get them NOW because the new update is LIT!! —Did I use that right? With these new set of Kimoji’s you can now have Nori’s most precious little face as your response to every text you ever get.

Honestly, all of the new additions to Kimoji are applicable to a wide range of situations. If you’re a little inappropriate like myself then you’ll totally love the new Kimoji’s. Texting has never been the same since I got them. So here are a couple of scenarios where you should use themF

For when your boss is being a jerk…


For when AT&T won’t let you live!!!! IMG_7061


For when that stupid boy just decides to pop up and ruin your life for the 100th time…..


For when they realizes they’ve got you all EFFED UP…IMG_9445

For when someone tries to run yo’life…..


For when those squats finally start paying off…..IMG_6644