‘Trump Baby’ Balloon Takes Flight In London Protests


    An 20-foot tall “Trump Baby,” holding on to a mobile phone and wearing a giant diaper, took flight over Britain’s Houses of Parliament for two hours on this morning, 7/13/18.

    Its¬†a day of widespread protests¬†against the US leader’s controversial visit to the UK.


    A crowd of about 2,000 observers including local residents, tourists, activists and children, cheered as the balloon rose over Parliament Square.
    Leo Murray, an activist who organized the blimp, told CNN the giant balloon had been designed to speak to Trump “in a language that he understands, which is personal insults.”
    “This is how most of the world sees Donald Trump, certainly most British people,” Murray said. “It’s a popular perception that he is a big angry baby … anytime something doesn’t go the way he likes he chucks his toys out of the pram.”
    Murray was joined by activists in red jumpsuits wearing “Make America Great Again”-style baseball caps labeled: “Trump babysitter.”
    Yesterday President Trump wrote on twitter that the baby balloon makes him feel not welcome in London.