Did you hear Tyga’s new song 1 of 1?  I heard it last week and I thought it was horrible. Since I love Drake’s – Controlla  I figured I would give it a week just in case I was being biased. Nope. I just heard it again and I hate it just as much as I did the first time. Besides having weak lyrics like “Take the thug in me and put some in you.” it sounds like the version of Controlla that Drake probably turned down.  You ever hear some up & coming artist make bad covers to popular songs? That line alone alone made me laugh because that’s a new name for it! THUG! lol  It’s like a bad cover, like REALLY BAD. Oh but the hours doesn’t stop there he also says things like

“They don’t know I got the juice, they don’t know
They don’t know I touch the money like masseuse” Really T? Didn’t you get your cars repo’d and you get evicted from like 4 houses this year alone? I’ll wait. He should give up the whole rapping career and just  stick to what he’s good at, which seems to be being Kylie’s boy toy. Don’t worry T, I totally respect your hustle my brother. Get it how you can!

In my humble opinion it’s Drake-1; Tyga-0 Check out the song below and be the judge for yourself!