Vic Mensa Gets Dragged By Social Media After Xxxtentation Comments During BET Awards Cypher


    Vic Mensa is getting a lot of backlash after Saturday’s taping of the BET Awards Cypher in Miami. 


    Mensa was said to had made a comment regarding the late XXXTentation‘s alleged abuse, while his mother Cleopatra Bernard was in the audience to accept the award for Best New Hip Hop Artist on her son’s behalf. Saying “Your favorite rapper is an abuser”before referencing to Xxx.

    Mensa addressed his comments about Xxx on instagrams saying. “Recently I did a freestyle for the BET Awards cypher, addressing and condemning rappers who unabashedly abuse women and those who stand up for them and even call them legends,” on Monday (Oct, 8).

    The comments under his video were ruthless. Most people were mainly upset because XXXTentacion is not here anymore to defend himself so they feel like it was just inappropriate to bring him up.

    R.I.P XXXTentatcion



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