Yesterday a video surfaced of Victoria Secrets models singing Cardi B‘s new Song Bodak Yellow.

After an amazing fashion show Victoria Secrets models gathered together in their dressing room to enjoy one another and celebrate a job well done. During their celebration the models were filmed saying the ‘N’ while chanting to Cardi B’s Bodak Yellow. Although during the 15 second clip there was no signs of negativity. The models were clearly just having fun.

Shortly after the video surfaced a series of feedback from upset fans and spectators flooded twitter with their concerns. People are upset and say that ‘the models should have know better’. Some even went on to request that the models in question be fired from Victoria secret. They argue that the models were careless and could have easily avoided the word.

People also pointed out the fact one model, Devon Windsor, did not say the word. Instead, Windsor simply avoided the word and continued to rap the songs lyrics after the ‘N’ word. Fans labeled her as the “safe one”. Not one of the models has come forth to comment on the video. The video is still live and can be found on Youtube


While some say that this is completely unacceptable¬†and the models should be punished others argue that if people don’t want other people using the ‘N’ word they shouldn’t put it in their music. Some people believe that its just a word and because it wasn’t used in derogatory way that its ‘not that big of a deal’.

Its up to Victoria Secret to deal with the situation. Do I personally feel that the models should be fired, No. But they should be reprimanded for not censoring themselves. The issue of racism is one that we (black people) struggle with oh too often. And its never really taken seriously. People think that just because we (black people) have flipped the ‘N’ word and turned it from a negative to positive among ourselves that is appropriate for other people to do the same. And I am so sorry to announce but that is just not how it works.