A x-rated picture of Tupac is up for sale by his ex girlfriend.

It seem like every year Tupac is somehow in the news. This year legendary rapper is sparking conversation due to x-rated pictures of him exposing himself. The bare it all photos are up for auction. The asking price is $7,500 or best offer.

Other items such as plaques handwritten lyrics, and a love letter to madonna sold quick. The rappers merchandise does’t come cheap either.

Its up for debate if this is morally right or wrong. The ex girlfriend says that she took these pictures during a party they attended together. She says that Tupac was known for baring is privates in front of people at some of the gathering they went to and it wasn’t something that was hidden. She even said that before she took the shot she asked had him to put it away. Tupac was unbothered and continue to expose himself so she snapped the picture.