The internet went wild with anger over youtuber Logan Paul‘s Suicide awareness video.

Just days ago Logan Paul uploaded a video of his trip to Japan. During the trip Logan and his crew planned to sleep in the Aokigahara forest better known to most as Japans Notorious ‘suicide forest’. The forest is the place where people of Japan go to commit suicide. There are around 100 suicides a year reported. The forest is said to be haunted by the ghosts of those who have taken their own lives and has been in horror movies over the years.

In the initial video Logan Paul and his crew were walking a dirt path looking for a good place to camp when they ran a dead body hanging from a tree. The reaction Logan Paul and his crew up set a lot of people. Most were upset because they felt that Paul and his crew were being insensitive while fans defended Logan saying they understand why he posted it.

Shortly after the video was posted Logan Paul deleted it.
The video went viral fast and many deemed it extremely inappropriate. Some even took to youtube and made reaction videos bashing him.

Logan responded with an apology video explaining that he posted the video only to raise awareness for suicide and mental illness.

I personally watched the video a few times over and was upset by their reactions as well but understanding that they were just reacting. I don’t personally feel that Logan Pauls reaction was not insensitive but his female crew member was certainly insensitive. From the moment they found the body she smiled. It was very creepy for me.

Suicide and Mental illness are very serious and real life issues that should never be over looked or taken for a joke. Statistics show that over the last 15 years the number of suicide has increased 24%. The suicide rate for males is said to be approximately 4 times higher then female suicide.

If you or someone you know is anyone dealing with depression please get help as soon as possible. There are places and people that are there to help. No one should have to live in silence an hurt.