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Drake Shine at 2017 Billboard Music Awards [Drake]


            Shine at 2017 Billboard Music Awards Drake stole the show at the 2017 Billboard Music Awards in more ways than one, taking home 13 honors, surpassing Adele‘s mark as the artist with the most BBMA wins in one night, delivering a fiery performance in the middle of the famous Bellagio […]

Drake’s “VIEWS” Ties Lowest Chart Position Yet


Drake finds himself at the #4 position this week with VIEWS. Over the project’s 24 weeks on the chart, this is only the second time it has fallen out of the Top 3. The last time was the week ending September 1 when VIEWS also charted at #4. In this sales cycle, the LP saw 42,861 total units […]

Drake Smash O Rama

Drake smash

Drizzy Drake may go down in PLAYA history  for pulling this one off. Yesterday a media outlet  broke the story that Drake was bringing his new love interest CRYSTAL WESTBROOK with him to Toronto Bluejays games. Well it turns out he used to SMASH India’s sister Crystal and she’s all in her feelings on Instagram.

Drake “Don’t Give A F##k About None Of These Other Singers”


Drake was clearly fired up on the Toronto leg of his Summer Sixteen Tour at the Air Canada Centre over the weekend. At the tail end  of his concert he ranted from his hometown where he seemingly addressed anyone who had issues with him. Drake was shouting, “… other rappers, I don’t give a f–k […]

Tory Lanez Remixes Drake’s “Controlla” . Great remix


Tory Lanez has shared a remix of Drake’s “Controlla”  on his Soundcloud page. He also shared a remix of DJ Khaled’s “I Got the Keys” from Khaled’s upcoming album Major Key. You can listen to his remix of “I Got the Keys” below. In January, Tory Lanez released a pair of mixtapes, The New Toronto and Chixtape 3.

RIP Drake, You had a good run.


Do you remember that  little feud Drake had with Joe Budden? I think Drake was really just trying to get to the big dog, Eminem. Without going into too much detail,  Joe Budden rapper signed to Eminem’s label &  Drake came for him  for criticizing his newest album Waves. The two artists had a little back-and-forth over […]

Watch Joe Budden go 0 to 100 Real Quick As He Chases Trolls Down


A couple of numbnuts decided to run up on Joe Budden today at his house, they harassed him and posted it on Snapchat. Boy were they in for a surprise! Joey wasn’t having it. Joe Budden is as real as they come & so he did what any normal person would do: Chase them down […]

Drake to Joe Budden: I told you back in ’09 that I don’t want it with you.


Just a couple of months ago Drake was hailed as a beast & somewhat of a champion in the whole Meek Mill saga. Drizzy just kept coming at Meek, wouldn’t let the poor man  take a breather before coming down on him with another hit but oh my how the tables have turned. Drizzy Drake […]

Joe Budden to Drake: “Shut up & go get me a burger”


JOEY!!!!!!  There is currently smoke coming out of my ears from listening to the FIRE that Joe Budden just dropped. The track begins with a clip of Drizzy praising Joe, that alone ended Drake,  See, this specific battle won’t be about record sales or how much money who has, which is really  the two crutches most […]

Tyga’s new song 1of 1 is basically a knock-off


Did you hear Tyga’s new song 1 of 1?  I heard it last week and I thought it was horrible. Since I love Drake’s – Controlla  I figured I would give it a week just in case I was being biased. Nope. I just heard it again and I hate it just as much as […]