What is Gems Radio?

What is  Gems Radio?

What is GEMS Radio is an acronym for Gems Radio Genuinely Entertaining Music. It’s purpose is to encourage, enlighten and uplift. Gems radio has morphed from a radio station to a media platform. At this  point  we collaborate and encourage unsigned artists to continue their craft.

What inspired us to start Gems Radio?

Just hanging out with a bunch of friends listening to various media outlets, we realizing that we constantly switched from one outlet to the next because we weren’t truly being entertained. We thought why not make it so that there’s no need  to change the station. A Genuinely Entertaining Music radio station.

Gems Radio Vision

Our vision is to provide a Genuinely Entertaining medium that will provide the ultimate listening experience to everyone that tunes in to our platform Gems Radio.

Advantage over our competitors

This could be summed up by using the word Genuine.  It is rare to find something truly authentic nowadays aside from the hype, glitz and glamour. This radio station is literally powered by the love of Genuine music  and any true music enthusiast can respect that and will hear the careful consideration , quality and time that is put  into something  perhaps  as involved as a radio show or even as simple as a music playlist.