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Someone get Juelz Santana. Clearly, he’s lost his mind.


Let me begin this article by saying that I am a huge Dipset fan, no one was more excited for the reunion than me. From Me to U is one of my favorite albums of all time & I think Juelz is dope. With that being said, this is a message to the black community: Don’t […]

Chrissy & Mr. Jones are coming back!!


Rumor has it that Love & Hip Hop  O.G’s, Jim Jones & Chrissy Lampkin will be returning to our TV’s SOON. Honestly, I couldn’t be happier because I love them both.  I wonder if we’ll get the 411 on the problems between Jim & Cam  & everything that happened with Mendeecee’s because I was all excited […]

It goes down in the DM (Apparently)


Ladies, what do you when a rando messages you? We get these creeps daily, random guys that think they’re going to sweet talk us into God knows what. I know we get tired of having to play dumb like we don’t get it but fear not because I have the perfect solution for you all!!! […]

Ratchet Monday Update LHHATL S. 5 Ep. 4


We are 4 episodes in and not only do we have The Baddest Puta back but guess who also made an appearance? Lyfe Jennings!!! Lyfe is dating or was dating Karlie Red who is just EXTRA. Karlie honey, why are you crying over drama you started? I can’t deal with you. Can someone tell Lyfe […]

Ratchet Monday Update!

Love & Hip Hop is back in Atlanta with a whole bunch of foolery to fill up your Monday nights. While I’m a huge fan of Love & Hip Hop & I love that this show is creating an avenue for people to grow their brand & but this is getting out of hand.

Ratchet Monday Update


& Hip Hop New York” Season 6: The Reunion (Part 2) aired yesterday & let me tell you—IT DID NOT DISAPPOINT!  Let’s begin with the love triangle that is Peter Gunz, Tara & Amina. Amina  confirmed what we already knew: SHE’S PREGNANT! I love these ladies but seriously, WHAT IS GOING ON?!  However, we do […]