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Donald Trump Meets His Alter Ego: Kanye West |

Donald Trump

Donald Trump Meets His Alter Ego: Kanye West The sight of President-elect Donald Trump meeting rapper and artist Kanye West in the gaudy lobby of Trump Tower was absolutely jarring to see. But in many ways, the two men are remarkably similar: They both tweet maniacally,

Kanye West hospitalized for exhaustion

Kanye West

Kanye West hospitalized for exhaustion Kanye West is under observation at a Los Angeles hospital following an abrupt cancellation of his concert tour on Monday. A Source close to West’s family told CNN that the rapper is being treated for “exhaustion” at UCLA Medical

Kanye West Is Finally On Instagram


Kanye West has been an active Twitter user for years, but he’s one of the few major artists to not have an Instagram account. After  publicly announcing plans that he would be getting on the platform back in March, West has delivered on the promise today with the launch of  his verified @kanyewest account. One […]

RIP Drake, You had a good run.


Do you remember that  little feud Drake had with Joe Budden? I think Drake was really just trying to get to the big dog, Eminem. Without going into too much detail,  Joe Budden rapper signed to Eminem’s label &  Drake came for him  for criticizing his newest album Waves. The two artists had a little back-and-forth over […]

Drake to Joe Budden: I told you back in ’09 that I don’t want it with you.


Just a couple of months ago Drake was hailed as a beast & somewhat of a champion in the whole Meek Mill saga. Drizzy just kept coming at Meek, wouldn’t let the poor man  take a breather before coming down on him with another hit but oh my how the tables have turned. Drizzy Drake […]

Tyga’s new song 1of 1 is basically a knock-off


Did you hear Tyga’s new song 1 of 1?  I heard it last week and I thought it was horrible. Since I love Drake’s – Controlla  I figured I would give it a week just in case I was being biased. Nope. I just heard it again and I hate it just as much as […]

Blac Chyna: I’m a Kardashian too—put some RESPEK ON IT!


It feels like just yesterday  Khloe Kardashian flipped crap because she caught Rob bringing Blac into her home. Yesterday, how ever the tables turns yet again and there came yet another EPIC WIN for Chy. The pregnant Queen of Petty & fiancé  (Rob Kardashian) were guests of honor at Khloé’s birthday celebrations at Dave & Buster’s video arcade […]

The New Kimoji’s are LIFE!


If you don’t already have the Kimoji keyboard I strongly suggest you get them NOW because the new update is LIT!! —Did I use that right? With these new set of Kimoji’s you can now have Nori’s most precious little face as your response to every text you ever get.

Chymoji’s —The drama continues

Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 4.15.30 PM

Yesterday, Blac Chyna released her Chymoji’s. I was totally expecting it. Kim did it first, then Amber followed & it was just a matter of time until Chy jumped on the bandwagon. The Chymoji’s are pretty controversial as they feature Chy slapping a girl that looks  a whole lot like King Kylie herself. They feature […]

What’s Going On?!

Screen Shot 2016-04-19 at 10.33.00 PM

Do you remember back in 2001 when they did the All Star tribute with Marvin Gaye’s What’s Going On? There’s a line that goes “Protestants, Jews, Blacks and Whites, Latinos & Asians pray together, less fight. We better unite, as genocide and chemical war, the rich and the poor, Know that God delivers a cure.”  Oh […]