Drake Says He Listened to Tupac’s Music the Most in 2022

todayDecember 1, 2022

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(GEMS RADIO)—Drake says he streamed Tupac the most in 2022 as Spotify unveiled their Wrapped end of year feature this year.

“If there was anybody that I wish I could be a little more like, it’d probably be Pac,” he told The Boombox at the time. “I think more than anything, aside from his music, which was absolutely incredible, I think he just drove people with who he was, the way he carried himself.”

He added: “He was somebody who was a free spirit and he did not care, he just did what he felt. I wish I could have a little more Pac to my persona. I’m working on it.”

Drake says he uses the music streaming platform Spotify the most. He said he listened to the late rapper a total of 246 minutes. Tupac was among the top seven percent of the late rapper’s listeners in 2022 over at Spotify.

Drake was the most streamed artist over at Spotify this year and third most streamed in the world behind Bad Bunny and Taylor Swift.


Written by: Robert Frezza

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