Drake Stops Show Briefly After a Fan Threw a Bra at Him

todayJuly 7, 2023

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Drake momentarily closed the show when fans started throwing bras at him. He was performing in Chicago during his “It’s All a Blur” tour.

Drake Shouts Out Breast Sizes

Drake had a funny reaction to a woman who was tossing her bra at him. He stopped the performance to scrutinize the bras being thrown at him. He was mentioning breasts of different sizes.

“Let me see what you’re working with,” He said as he looked at the bra size. “Who threw this? That’s you?” he pointed to a woman in the audience. “36 double D. That’s some knocks, I ain’t gon’ lie,” He added.

Drake also made it clear that he is impartial and gives equal time to women of varying sizes. “Shout out to all the girls with the small t######. Shout out the girls with the big b######, little b######, you know. All races, all faces, all places,” He said.

He Joked About the Bras

The rapper went back to the pile of bras on the stage and said, “Thank you again. This is perfect,” he said as he took a different bra, a white one this time. “It’s like Yin and Yang, you know,”

He said this while lifting up the garments and the crowd was cheering uncontrollably.

Another video shows drake joking that a fan is “nasty” after a fan threw a 38 double D bra in his direction.

This is not the first time such an incident has happened during his tour in Chicago. The rapper was hit in the arm by a phone when performing onstage recently.

The incident happened on the first night of his tour in Chicago. A fan threw a phone at him when he was performing Ginuwine’s song “So Anxious”. It hit him and fell on the floor and he just continued performing as if nothing had happened.

Others Hit Onstage

Reports indicate the phone didn’t hurt him. Lil Nas dodged a sex toy that was thrown at him onstage and he got lucky just like Drake. However, there are artists who have been injured when they have been hit with objects on stage.

A fan threw her mother’s ashes and a cheese on Pink, AVA Max got his eyes scratched by a fan who jumped on stage at an LA concert and Bebe Rexha’s eyes was also bruised when she was struck with a phone at a show in New York.

Written by: Jessica Sommerfield

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