Joe Budden and N.O.R.E. Slights Other Rappers For Their Poor-Performing Podcasts

todayFebruary 6, 2023

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Joe Budden and N.O.R.E. have laughed at other rappers and claimed “They sell asses out there.” According to the duo, their podcasts have outperformed those of their counterparts.

Joe Budden released a new podcast titled The Joe Budden Podcast, in which N.O.R.E. was  asked which was better between rap money and podcast money. In response, he said podcasts were better than rap because they were the easiest source of funds.

Rappers of Joe Budden’s generation are struggling

He also offered his view about artists with whom Joe Budden and himself started rapping around the same time, saying that they are now struggling in their careers, with some finding it hard to keep up with the current trend.

“You know what’s crazy?” “I’m looking at these rappers trying out shows now, rappers from our era,” he said, “and they are so failing.” They have sports shows, comedy shows… They’re talkin’ about, “Yo, I’m up.” “I’m just doing this for fun.” “No, you are not!”

Joe Budden Supports N.O.R.E.’s Sentiments

Joe Budden has the same opinion as his colleague, N.O.R.E. In the same interview, Joe said: “Tell the truth: It’s great to see people fail.” You can’t take the blueprint and hire different contractors. “They’re selling asses out here, huh?”

Joe Budden said: “It’s true because, as I said, when Lyor [Cohen] called me the other day, he kept reinforcing that the transition is everything. There haven’t been many people doing this. Do you know who’s the only person that’s been able to do this other than me, you, and a couple of others? It’s L.L.! Ice Cube… “This sh*t is not easy.”

Podcasting without a plan

As Joe Budden was speaking, N.O.R.E. chipped in and said that other artists couldn’t achieve the same success as he and Joe because they started podcasting without a plan. He added that they get a camera and a computer and think of telling a few funny stories, hoping to get an audience.

“Then they come out for three weeks.” No, they do six episodes. When the six episodes don’t work, they start to rethink it.

“Then you know what happens?” They come out with another show. And then that’s trash. And then they start cooking. And then that’s trash. And then they do a shopping show. “They are trying anything out here.”





Written by: Jessica Sommerfield

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