Rory’s Newest Single, “Enough,” Features JAY Electronica And Reggie’s Verses

todayMarch 20, 2023

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(GEMS RADIO)- Rory’s latest single, “Enough,” features Reggie and Jay Electronica trading witty lines and heavenly melodies. Rory begins the video, which was released on Friday, by gazing over a posh estate and reflecting on the unpredictable times in life.

Rory’s Latest Single Enough

He said, “Some people simply catch snapshots of their illusions, a split second that captures who they truly want to be and how they would like to feel, anticipating it takes over the true picture of their existence. “Yet, nobody photographs a memory they want to forget. Your greatest fears have already come to pass.

Rory enters the home and moves about like someone who once resided there but is no longer permitted. Rory enlisted the help of both Reggie and Jay Electronica to execute his lyrical concept for the song. Jay Electronica gave a 16-bar verse that will remind you of his spot on your top 10 lists of MCs, while Reggie and Jay Electronica sang the chorus in sync but with distinct keys.

Near the end of the video, Rory is found off guard when his supposed ex-girlfriend and her new lover get home to discover him carrying her puppy in a happy and confused state. Then Rory awakes fully dressed and drowns in a bathtub.

Jay Electronica other ventures

Jay Electronica has earned recognition beyond the music industry for his views on controversial subjects like the Illuminati. Jay Electronica said on March 13 on Twitter that he had met the Illuminati but wasn’t thrilled.

Oh, The Illuminati? There were people I met. They’re not that. Jay wrote, “Ask them about me. Ps, The Dominicans run Hollywood.

He added: “PS, The Dominicans run the financial industry. The Visigoths run a pedophile ring in Hollywood. The military-industrial complex is under Albinos’ control.

Written by: Jessica Sommerfield

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