The New “Flamerz 5” Mixtape By Meek Mill Is Finally Out

todayNovember 22, 2022

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(GEMS RADIO)- While honoring his promise, Meek Mill has now released FLAMERZ 5, his latest mixtape. It won’t be available on any streaming services. On November 21, the project was on mixtape portals like AudioMack and DatPiff. We are returning to the era of mixtapes when there were no record labels and sample permissions.

Meek Mill’s Decision To Use Mixtape

Meek presented his justification for keeping F5 off of streamers in several tweets. He asserted that the label’s meddling with his finances was the real problem.

“When a brand gave me a plaque, I initially believed they were playing a joke on me… Show me the revenue that my artwork generated; that other garbage is just a mental ruse,” he said. “Give me a plaque with the revenue my music generated and the salary I received… I’m avoiding the entire system since it’s not for us!

FLAMERZ 5 is not anything I want to stream. The music here is solely underground. It cannot be rated by billboard, he continued. Give the music stars. I’d wager a million dollars to upload it and get everyone in the United States and the world to play it. I’ve done it since MySpace, lol.

It Is Better Pay

Shortly after releasing the tape, Meek tweeted that he had already made a million dollars. So it appears that his strategy is paying off.

He wrote, “I made like a million this week, and I ain’t dealing with that [label] garbage they nuts lol.” “I now see that Nip was ahead of me psychollogically when he was trying to sell mixtapes for a thousand dollars!”

Additionally, he disclosed that the project was completed in just 10 days. Meek added that his next album would be released at the beginning of 2023.

Written by: Jessica Sommerfield

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