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Is there a little Joseline/ Esteebie baby on the way?!


Looks like the Puerto Rican princess may be pregnant! The “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” star Joseline Hernandez posted a very telling picture on her Instagram and Twitter accounts that looked a lot like a real belly bump. The reality star revealed to her followers that she is now pregnant with Stevie J’s baby, after their highly […]

Ratchet Monday Update!! S5; Ep 10


Mondays episode of Love & Hip Hop ATL was a really good one. Among all the nonsense that happened  between Stevie J & Joseline  which honestly we are on Jozzy’s side,

Ratchet Monday Update! S5+E9


Have you been keeping up with Love & Hip Hop Atl? Where does Mona find these people?! There’s so much going on but don’t worry, I got you! So after Jessica Dime made a fool of herself by doing pushups to have Lil Scrappy to agree to taking her on a date, Scrap ends up […]

Ratchet Monday Update!

Love & Hip Hop is back in Atlanta with a whole bunch of foolery to fill up your Monday nights. While I’m a huge fan of Love & Hip Hop & I love that this show is creating an avenue for people to grow their brand & but this is getting out of hand.