Cardi B Narrates How He Ex Stole He Hard-Earned $20,000 Leaving Her Traumatized

todayJuly 7, 2022

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Cardi B, her real name, Belcalis Marlenis Almánzar, has been on the receiving end of life. Despite her successful career in the hip-hop scene, she has no qualms narrating her life history to give hope to her fans that their predicaments can be history too.

When she appeared at Angela Yee’s Lip Service recently, the celebrated artist narrated how she worked at strip clubs and earned $20,000 when she was 20.

Further, the nature of work was hard and demanding as an exotic dancer and it was not a mean feat to amass that kind of money at the time.

Cardi B’s Man’s Betrayal

The top of the discussion was dwelling on whether she has dated broke men before and she Cardi B opened up by saying how her man at the time stole her money. She detailed how she used to save and boast about how she was making progress in life.

Sadly, one evening, she came from work and went to stash her day’s earnings only to get the shock of her life by finding her stash of money gone.

Cardi B Was Angry

To make the pain worse, the ‘n*****” failed to pick up her calls leaving her seething with rage. She finally got hold of him and his excuse was that he was in California moving weight. Sadly, she has been able to recoup the full amount to date.

While narrating the ordeal and reliving the past, Cardi B got worked up and the story was terminated when she said, “I’m shaking.”

Healing from Defamation

In the meantime, the queen of rap is healing from the traumatic defamation that she was subjected to by Tasha K, a self-proclaimed YouTube journalist.

The defamation case was decided by the jury in Cardi B’s favor putting the story to rest. However, the accused has vowed to appeal the judgment which may open old wounds.

Written by: Jessica Sommerfield

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