GloRilla Exhorts Ladies To Become Financially Independent And Split Roles Equally In Relationships

todayDecember 1, 2022

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(GEMS RADIO)- GloRilla is giving her female admirers further advice. This is a few days after she gained notoriety for advising them not to hunt for love in clubs. GloRilla advised women to “go 50/50” in relationships. She advised them to foot the bill to prevent them from being left high and dry if their boyfriend quits.

Glorilla Advises Women Should Exercise Financial Responsibility

Although “some people might want to quarrel about it,” the CMG performer admitted that she needs to tackle the issue of women bearing financial responsibility in their relationships.

Glo posted her opinions on the subject on social media on Wednesday (Nov. 30). She advised women to share the workload equally with their partners. This is to avoid being left in a bind if their boyfriend cheats or leaves. She said, “You should want to be a team because if a man is doing all the work, he will take advantage and cheat.

He is paying all of your debts, b####! You need to be on your s### if you don’t want your bill payer to depart. You must be running your s###, GloRilla continued.

Glo stated that even when their spouse covers all the bills, some women would claim they are still in the workforce.

Women Should Split Relationship Roles Equally

GloRilla argues that you should develop the practice of covering your s###. Because all those bills that were being paid by the n####, regardless of how much money you had, were going to change. There will be a significant adjustment in your finances. Every bill must be paid. You are no longer able to do what you want to do.

“I just feel like s### should just be at a particular rate, like 50/50,” she said. Your actions make you appear desperate and s###.


Written by: Jessica Sommerfield

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todayDecember 1, 2022