Hip Hop 49th Anniversary Celebrated in Coney Island

todayAugust 12, 2022

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New York Mayor, Eric Adams opened has opened the 49th anniversary of hip hop at Sedgwick Avenue in Morris Park on Coney Island for the occasion. The occasion celebrates the emergence of hip hop culture that is believed to have emerged from the Bronx almost half a century ago.

Celebrating A History of Music and Culture

Hip-hop fans believe that the culture started at the anniversary venue in 1973. DJ Kool Herc played the famous back-to-school jams at the scene in an attempt to raise money to buy clothes for his sister to wear to school. Aged 18 back then, the Jamaican American and his sister Cindy Campbell captured the hearts of fans and gave the world a new entertainment culture that has shaped generations since then.

Hip Hop Culture is Alive

There have been fears that hip-hop culture is fizzling out. According to Percy Master P Miller, rappers and artists are prone to drugs, violence, and other risks that make them die young. This worrying trend is making the culture vulnerable to fading out.

However, Mayor Eric Adams is committed to reversing this trend and making the tradition ingrained in society. He has promised to deliver a “Hip-Hop 50 Years” exhibit at the Bronx Terminal Market 11 to mark the 50th anniversary of the music genre. The gallery will form part of the Universal Hip-Hop Museum.

The culture is now alive all over the world and celebrated as far as the Middle East.

The Show Was Lit

The Summer Stage Festival was lit. According to New 12 Brooklyn, there were over 3,500 attending the back-to-back performance from various artists. The Black Sheep, DJ Scratch, DJ Soxx, and many local artists thrilled the crowd where people showed their dance moves.

The performance has been multi-generation capturing the magnificent history of hip hop that has evolved since DJ Kool Herc started entertaining fans in the 70s.


Written by: Jessica Sommerfield

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