Ice-T Alleges Jay-Z Approached Him about “99 Problems”

todayFebruary 24, 2023

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(GEMS RADIO)- Jay-Z and Ice-T recently discussed the West Coast icon’s 1993 song “99 Problems,” which Jay-Z reused almost ten years later, according to Ice-T.

Jay Z Confronted Ice T about ’99 Problems’

During one appearance on Big Boy TV, the rapper/actor recounted his interaction with Jay-Z at the Grammy Awards. Jay-Z allegedly approached Ice-T and said, “You know I love you, right?” In response to Ice’s affirmative response, Hov said, “Well, it’s on the internet that you mad.” Ice-T assured Jay-Z that he was not angry, adding, “They’re coming up with all kinds of conversations about it [“99 Problems”]. They inquired about the tale, and I provided them with the truth.

No hard feelings, Jay-Z assured Ice-T, and the two started talking about the past. Since being recommended to Hov by Big Daddy Kane, Ice-T remembered meeting him “far back in the day.” We are friends since I used to drive Jay, along with Dame Dash. Nonetheless, Jay-Z mentioning Ice-T in the song would have been nice. He chuckled, “At the end of the song, you could have said ICE!

Jay Z Did Not Steal the Record

During his Manslaughter album in 2014, Ice-T reworked “99 Problems,” and he stated that Jay Z “paid publishing” for the song. He added that he doesn’t care if people don’t remember that the song was originally his.

He added, “You gotta remember, I’ve been on Law & Order 16 years,” in a 2014 Rolling Stone interview. In other words, if a child is 18, he was two years old when I appeared on Law & Order. Thus, I don’t believe everybody’s a historian or anything. Jay Z followed all the necessary steps. The record wasn’t taken from him. He paid the publisher.

But you never heard him remark, “It’s Ice-record,” T’s according to Ice-T, who also expressed his current opinion on Jay-Z.

Written by: Jessica Sommerfield

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todayFebruary 24, 2023