Ma$e and Cam’ron have Teased Fat Joe over His latest Gaffe

todayJuly 5, 2023

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(GEMS RADIO)- Ma$e and Cam’ron have made fun of fat joe after his recent blunder even though the rapper had thanked them for not roasting him. Fat Joe has been trending lately because of his NBA Draft error where he said he likes “Dick from Kansas” on ESPN’s live broadcast.

He was talking about Gradey Dick who is a Kansas Jayhawks basketball player. Currently, Gradey is playing for Toronto Raptors as the club recruited him a short while ago.

Roasted Online and Offline

Fat Joe endured a litany of offline and online jokes about the statement. He reacted by saying he is “Too old to play the pause game” and he added that he has self-confidence. He then appreciated Ma$e and Cam’ron for not laughing at him but they have since betrayed him.

Recently, while filming their sports talk show It Is What It Is, they made fun of Fat Joe and went hard on him.

“The whole thing about it is, Fat Joe didn’t even say whoever’s name it is first — he just said ‘from Kansas,’ so he say he like dick from a specific area or a certain part of the country — pause,” Said Cam’ron as he burst out laughing uncontrollably.

“Like lobster from Maine,” Ma$e added, which intensified the laugher. “Idaho potato,” Cam quipped.

Fat Joe Was “Out of Pocket”

“Ayo Joe, listen, we love you,” said Cam’ron. “Once you say you don’t play [the pause game], you play it! If you don’t play, why say you don’t play?! You don’t gotta announce it. And if it didn’t bother you, you ain’t gotta double back and be like, ‘I don’t care. I said I liked Dick from Kansas, that’s a player.’”

The two observed that Joe was extreme for his statement and wondered why he only used the surname despite knowing what the word dick implies.

“Yo Crack, you know you my man. You got a flow, Joe. I was a fan in high school, n-gga,” Cam said. “But you’re out of pocket, Joe. You know why, Joe? I would say this — pause this whole little scenario — it would be crazy if the n-gga’s name was Fred Dick — pause.

Surname Issue

“But he got a whole other name, it’s Gregory or something like that. You could say, ‘I mess with Gregory from Kansas.’ He had two names, bro. A first name and a last name.”

“He chose to go with Dick,” Ma$e interrupted, triggering more laughter.

“Yo Crack, you can say you don’t play, my man, but listen, the internet says different… pause,” Added Cam.

Even though Ma$e and Cam’ron had muted on the issue, the program’s Instagram account shared a video of Fat joe’s sound saying the controversial statement with funny sound effects in the background.

Written by: Jessica Sommerfield

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