Snoop Dogg Explains Why Cordae Wrote a Song for Him

todayAugust 25, 2022 1

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Snoop Dogg revealed that he is okay with other artists writing for him. In his new project, BODR, the rapper features several artists including Jane Handcock, HeyDeon, Nefertitti Avani, and Cordae.  Cordae wrote for him the song “We Don’t Gotta Worry No More.” Snoop had stopped by the Rap Radar Podcast to promote his new Netflix film Day Shift where he starred alongside Jamie Foxx.

 ‘It’s About What I Can’t See’

During the interview, Tha Doggfather said to B.Dot, “I started off writing for Dr. Dre, so what would I be if I didn’t allow somebody to write for me? Sometimes you gotta put yourself in the frame of letting somebody else depict a better picture for you because you can’t see everything.”

The Death Row legend gave an example of another singer whose best song was composed by someone else: “I feel like Whitney Houston’s best record was The Bodyguard, when the other people came in and gave her records that weren’t hers, where she could just sit back and just sing and they embodied what they thought she should be.”

“That’s to the point in my career where I’m at now, where I’ve written so many hit records,” he added. “It’s not about what I can write. Sometimes it’s about what I can’t see that somebody else can write for me.”

Snoop Dogg Amazed by Cordae’s Writing Skills

In another interview with Tidal, Snoop threw light on how Cordae penned down the track for him. “Terrace Martin came here one day with Cordae and he said, ‘Let me write something to this for you.’ I’m like, ‘Go ahead, homie.’ He go in that muthafuckin’ booth and wrote the first and second verse. The beauty of that is, he wrote some lyrics about my mama. She was in great health when he wrote that, but by the time we put that out, my mama passed away.”

Snoop then went on to spotlight the lyrics: “I shed a tear as I stare in my mom’s eyes/ Yeah I prophesized it and I manifested/ Yeah my pockets was skinny, yeah they was anorexic/ Yeah I beat a murder case and made your favorite records/ Let me say this message.”

He added: “Ain’t that crazy? How that young man could write that for me.”

Written by: Jessica Sommerfield

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todayAugust 25, 2022