Cardi B Shares Her Normal Day With Fans On A New Tiktok Video

todayApril 12, 2023

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(GEMS RADIO)- Cardi B has opened up to her fans, letting them see what a typical day in the life of a working parent looks like. Cardi B disclosed that she works out for three hours daily to recapture the flexibility she once possessed as a dancer.

The NYC singer-songwriter is showcasing what life is like as Belcalis while leading a glamorous existence as pop sensation Cardi B. On Tuesday (April 11), Cardi used TikTok to provide a behind-the-scenes peek into her daily life inspired by ASMR.

I’m here because my fans have asked me to perform more TikToks. I’m going to share with you what a typical day in my life as Belcalis looks like,” she said.

A Preview Of Cardi B’s Normal Day 

Like other parents, she gets an early start on the day by waking up earlier than her kids do. After breakfast, she spends time with her children, Kulture and Wave. Before going to the gym, Cardi B will cook lunch.

Cardi B disclosed her daily routine in the video, which consists of two hours of exercise and an hour of stretching. Cardi B told the audience that despite having lipo, she still needed to work out to maintain her figure. Cardi has stated that she wants to recapture the elasticity she had during her stripper days since flexibility is essential to her.

Cardi B bought the kids pizza after her session. After spending some time with the kids, she departs for the studio.

Cardi B Expresses Her Gratitude For Her Fans’ Support               

Cardi B Thanked Her Supporters For Their Love After Being Scolded Online for Talking ON the Unsettling Video of the Dalai Lama Asking a Little Boy to Suck His Tongue on Monday,

She said, “All this love I’m getting at once is fantastic.” “I want to thank everyone. I only need to understand that those assaulting me are merely projecting.

Written by: Jessica Sommerfield

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