Dad You are Embarrassing Me! Drake Says

todayAugust 10, 2022

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“I was just sitting here thinking why you do me like this, we family.” Drake posted on his Instagram page @ChampagnePapi in a sarcastic tone to his dad, Dennis Graham.

Odd-Looking Drake

Five years later, Drake has not gotten over an odd-looking tattoo of his face on his dad’s arm. The fatherly show of love and unwavering support has now morphed into a major embarrassment. The Toronto-born rapper is not letting it slip.

The tattoo depicts an odd-looking Drake. The hue is subtle and the impression on the image is that of a super-serious man. It lacks his iconic thick beard and smiling face. Instead, Drake looks indifferent, stoic, and cold, others may think he looks pensive.

Dad Says Pain is Too Much

Graham senior is reportedly trying to make amends by fixing the portrait. While responding to the Instagram comment from his son, he says that 16 tattoo artists have tried to recreate a more accurate semblance but “they are hurting me.”

The hilarious story has lit up Instagram and fans are joining Drake in throwing friendly banter at his dad. Even though Drake looked different in 2017, it is clear that the artist could have done a better job. Nonetheless, it’s the thought that counts. Graham wrapped up the story by reiterating, “I love you and miss you.”

What is Drake Up To?

Drake organized and delivered a stunning Ovo Fest last month that has hip hop trending on music charts. Demonstrating his saintly personality, he brought up Nelly Furtado, the ‘Promiscuous’ songstress, and asked the crowd to show her some love.

In the meantime, Drake is playing a naughty doctor’s role online. He posed with a stethoscope examining models with imposing busts.

Graham senior should perhaps reconsider and add cornrows and a thick beard to his son’s tattoo. He may probably love it, and this may settle the 5-year-old embarrassment.

Written by: Jessica Sommerfield

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